10.2. ORIGEN data resources

ORIGEN data resources include nuclear decay data, multigroup neutron reaction cross sections, neutron-induced fission product yields, and decay emission data for photons, neutrons, alpha particles and beta particles. The nuclear decay data are based primarily on ENDF/B-VII.1 evaluations. The multigroup nuclear reaction cross section libraries now include evaluations from the JEFF-3.0/A neutron activation file containing data for 774 target nuclides, more than 12,000 neutron-induced reactions, and more than 20 different reaction types below 20 MeV, provided in various energy group structures. Energy-dependent ENDF/B-VII.0-based fission product yields are available for 30 fissionable actinides. Gamma-ray and x-ray emission data libraries are based on ENDF/B-VII.1. The photon libraries contain discrete photon line energy and intensity data for decay gamma and x-rays emission for 1,132 radionuclides, prompt and delayed continuum spectra for spontaneous fission, \(\left( \alpha,n \right)\) reactions in oxide fuel, and bremsstrahlung from decay beta (electron and positron) particles slowing down in either a UO2 fuel or water matrix. Methods and data libraries used to calculate the neutron yields and energy spectra for spontaneous fission, \(\left( \alpha,n \right)\) reactions, and delayed neutron emission are adopted from the SOURCES4C code. Capabilities to calculate the beta and alpha particle emission source and spectra have also been added.