11. Utility Modules for SCALE Libraries

M.L. Williams

Historically the SCALE Code System has included a number of standalone, executable utility modules developed mainly for performing operations on various types of multigroup nuclear data libraries and on the standard composition library used in SCALE. In legacy versions of SCALE, some utility modules were directly executed during computational sequences; but in the modern version of SCALE the standalone executables are no longer used in computation sequences — their functions have been incorporated into a more unified and integrated framework. Several of the earlier utility modules were deprecated in the SCALE 6.2 release; but others are retained and are still quite useful for nuclear data manipulations, editing, and checking. Most of these utilities are taken directly from the AMPX code system. Sect. 11.1 provides a listing of the AMPX modules distributed with SCALE, along with a brief description of each module’s function. User input for these modules can be found in the AMPX documentation that accompanies SCALE. Several additional utility modules included in the SCALE code package are also described in this section. Finally, many AMPX and SCALE utility modules use the FIDO input processing procedure, and this is described in the FIDO chapter.



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